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Black Gold completed in Q4 of 2020 three unique storage concepts in the Tulsa Metro area. In addition to the normal mini storage and climate-controlled storage options, Black Gold has added six  business service offerings that make them very unique.

Black Gold has built storages before and has made them like all the others: small office or apartment, with non-climate and climate controlled units in a secure fenced area. As they made plans to bring new storage concepts to the Tulsa market and add three more storage complexes in the Tulsa Metro area, they looked around the country to see what those leading edge companies were doing to enhance their storage offerings. The result led to unique amenities that Black Gold believed would make a positive margin contribution, while also serving as a ‘draw’ to those who are interested in the synergies from these compatible services. These include:

  • Wine storage and concierge service
  • Dog wash
  • Coffee shops
  • Co-working spaces
  • Container ‘farm’ (8 containers put together to make up the offices, co-working, wine storage, etc).
  • These are complete with drive in garage, fireplaces, bathroom with shower, kitchenette, meeting area, etc.

Last year during lease up of these three new operations located in Jenks, Bixby, and midtown Tulsa, a national storage syndicator came and offered top dollar for the entire Black Gold portfolio of these three locations and a fourth one that Black Gold had owned for 20 years.  These closed about a year ago, and Black Gold liquidated its entire storage portfolio to one buyer.