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We believe our partners are some of the most creative people around at finding resourceful and out of the box solutions for meeting business opportunities and challenges. This is what makes Black Gold uniquely situated to understand the business of business‚ from an owners’ perspective.

One of our most exciting current endeavors involves inviting our friends to join us in helping to launch the next generation. . Our mission is to share with others the experiences, leadership principles, and ‘skinned knees’ that we and our friends have gathered from the hundreds of years of collective business ownership, management experience, and deals.

In short, we are developing a means to relay our human capital‚ in addition to financial capital, to assist businesses in a strategic and targeted manner. We call it ‘giving away our friends’, and have involved over 50 of Oklahoma’s top businessmen and women and our top elected officials in these leadership series and seminars.  We have been doing this with young businessmen and women and college students both in Tulsa and OKC over the past 5 years in businesses, homes, and on state campuses. This year, we have started a coffee shop and ‘networking spot’ to do this on a continuous basis (www.collaborativeok.com). We will be announcing a couple of other similar gathering places in the next two years both in Tulsa and in OKC. The goal is to use these spaces to share our friends and our experiences to help bring about a positive Oklahoma and successful Oklahomans for decades to come.


Most business owners and executives have adequate resources and expertise in times of economic stability and in normal times. However, the new normal is no longer ‘business as usual’. Economic instability, government uncertainty, technological advances, and rapidly changing business models bring both challenging times as well as unparalleled opportunities. Throw in a worldwide pandemic that none of us expected, and you start to realize how unique these times are.

The perspective of out of box thinking from those who have faced a lot of different challenges and had the privilege of pursuing ‘once in a lifetime opportunities’ might be helpful to you as you evaluate your next move.  We respectfully believe Black Gold is uniquely situated in today’s business climate to provide those resources that are needed in these various circumstances. 

We look forward to visiting with you. We enjoy making new friends.


Kevin Jordan
President & Chief Executive Officer

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A group of highly skilled professionals with a diverse range of skill sets all working together for you & your business.

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We were founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma 30+ years ago by our current principal, Kevin Jordan.

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To deliver high quality service, solve complex problems, and provide value to our clients & partners.

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Bringing years of legal, financial, and operational experience to your situation.

Kevin Jordan
Chief Executive Officer
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