Marketing & Sales Strategies: Development and Execution

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Marketing & Sales Strategies: Development and Execution

One of Black Gold’s highest values is its ability to provide excellence and creativity in marketing and sales. Our approach to these two vital elements of success is a paradigm shift from the traditional model of sales as merely exposing your ideas or products and then ‘overcoming objections’ that the prospective buyer might mention.

  1. Reputation: our referrals are generated almost exclusively from former partners and business and industry leaders who have first-hand knowledge of Black Gold’s reputation for honesty, creativity and integrity.
  2. Creativity: Black Gold is highly skilled in the art of negotiation and problem-solving, which requires, at the core, the ability to see ALL perspectives of an opportunity, problem or challenge.
  3. Competence & Completion: Black Gold is known for their thoroughness, resourcefulness and for ‘getting the job done’, including the following examples:
  1. Successfully enlisting the assistance of two Oklahoma U.S. Senators regarding a Senate bill to change Land Grant rules to accommodate a golf course rather than agricultural research. Then raising donor money through creative tax leveraged donation programs to fund the new OSU golf course in challenging economic times.
  2. Selling lender CEO’s and their federal regulators on our solution for the exclusive disposition of $110 MM in troubled assets and why that was the best solution for them.
  3. Designing marketing and sales plans, contracts, and materials that allowed to sell over 200 swimming pools in one season, an increase of over 50% over previous years. Black Gold also assisted them in sourcing other new fiberglass products to manufacture from three other industries.
  4. Forging joint venture relationships with CEO’s of twelve (12) gas and electric utilities around the country to sell our demand side management technology solutions as a solution for compliance with federal energy conservation regulations.
  5. Negotiating and closing, in many instances as principals, over 30 large initiatives to buy, sell, or merge companies and/or major projects.
  6. Negotiating sales, settlements, and transactions on behalf of relatively small companies with public or very large companies is very difficult. There are lots of lawyers involved typically, and candidly part of the challenge is not letting the lawyers get in the way of the business transactions. Black Gold has sold two operations to public companies, has sold and done joint ventures with billion dollar PE firms and large private companies, and has done workouts with national and international lenders.
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A group of highly skilled professionals with a diverse range of skill sets all working together for you & your business.

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We were founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma 30+ years ago by our current principal, Kevin Jordan.

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To deliver high quality service, solve complex problems, and provide value to our clients & partners.

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