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Black Gold does a lot of financing, both on the company financing side, as well as real estate projects. Creative development of the capital stack  is what Black Gold does well. The determination to raise equity, secure debt, negotiate financing terms for receivables or inventory can be tricky. The biggest problem that causes most businesses to fail is capital. It might not always a value problem, as much as a structural problem. How to finance ventures and raise money in a creative way that preserves ownership, control, and liquidity is an A list skill set for Black Gold.

Many service companies have opportunities for growth and expansion. Others may have need for transactional assistance in selling, merging, or buying other competitive or compatible operations. Still others may be seeking new fiscal structures for various reasons. We have had diverse experience with various kinds of service operations.

Kevin led an investment group that purchased American Guaranty, a title insurance and closing company, from First National Bank of Oklahoma City when the bank was under regulatory scrutiny. He and a partner turned the business around and operated it for two years before selling it to a local bank at a significant profit.

Kevin and others made a venture capital investment in a high-tech information subscription service located in Tulsa, OK.  The Company sold subscriptions to hundreds of vendors in various SIC codes, and supplied market data and other resource information. Kevin and the other investors later sold the operation to Dunn & Bradstreet.