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References are important. Our integrity, our character, and our reputation are more important to us than our capabilities. They should be equally important to you.  You may have come to us by referral, and may know very little about us. Web sites are like advertisements and job candidate resumes……they can look very impressive, tell a good story, and say flattering things about the people, the products, or the services.

However, the people with whom you have built businesses,  those you have sold businesses to, those you have borrowed money from or invested money for, and those with which you have done major transactions are the ones that can really describe your character and your capabilities. The same is true for us. If we are considering a business relationship, we have a list of dozens of references that we have ‘done life with’ that we will be happy to put you in touch with to learn more about us, our integrity, and our capabilities.


MarkWest Energy Partners

Kevin and I have invested in six companies together over the past 10 years in three different industries, investing as well as borrowing millions of dollars. I am proud to say that all of them have been very successful. More importantly, we have developed a wonderful personal and professional relationship that allows me to trust his leadership and judgment even when I don’t have the time to fully analyze the pros and cons of a deal or a big decision. THAT is what I like about doing business with Kevin and Black Gold.

Read more: MarkWest Energy Partners


Century Healthcare Corporation

Kevin Jordan came into our Company to work with us on a National Initiative on the Family following his one year stint in Washington, where he had moved with his family to work with a ministry group for a year. Kevin came to utilize what I would call his ‘soft skills’…..interpersonal, persuasive, and charismatic personal gifting that would serve us well working with business and community leaders in the 12 communities in which our hospitals were located.

Read more: Century Healthcare Corporation


Resource One Barton Cotton

Kevin has served our company as well as several of our investment portfolio operations in an advisory capacity and as an ‘additional principal’ at times over the past 5 or 6 years, including an incredible recent opportunity for which we had to come up with over $6MM in less than 30 days. He has been an integral part of our team in those situations when we have had to make things happen fast, or in those times when we needed some round table ‘out of box creativity’. He has proven to be a great complement to our management team.

Read more: Resource One Barton Cotton


Ernst & Young

Ernst & YoungInvesting, working with someone in high stakes business situations, or doing deals……the longer I work, the more I recognize that it is all about TRUST. Trust is the main foundation of Black Gold and Kevin. Unquestionably Black Gold has a reputation for making a profit, for being in the right market at the right time, and for growing companies. However, all that is secondary to doing business with people that have integrity. I have known Kevin for over 20 years . . .

Read more: Ernst & Young


Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd.

Kevin and I started Excel Energy to further develop technology that I had literally started in my garage years earlier. We split the responsibilities very succinctly: I was technology and he was business. While I worked with a team to build the technology, he developed the business plan and marketing strategy, built the business and the team, raised several million dollars in capital from venture capitalists and PSO/AEP, and put together joint ventures with a dozen electric and gas utilities around the country to implement our systems.

Read more: Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd.


Dr. R

I got in trouble with a bad real estate deal when the economy fell apart in 2009. My entire financial life was threatened by a beach resort area development that I had invested over $1.5MM in, and had signed to guarantee personally a bank note for over $4MM.

Read more: Dr. R



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