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Kevin Jordan, CEO

Kevin JordanKevin is the majority principal in the Black Gold Group of companies. A native Oklahoman, Kevin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Oklahoma State University where he was named the Outstanding Graduate. He also received a Law Degree from the University of Tulsa and a Masters Degree in Business from Southern Methodist University in Texas. While certainly using the legal background in his various business endeavors, Kevin has spent most of his life in entrepreneurial roles in small and mid-size businesses.

In addition to working for a commercial lender, an equity investment firm, and several large companies in various roles, Kevin has spent 25 years in executive management and ownership of numerous businesses that he has started, acquired, merged, or turned around and recapitalized amidst the turbulent times experienced by that business. He has consulted and/or facilitated financing and equity investments on dozens more in these same and other industries.

While concentrated in Oklahoma and Texas, these businesses have been located in 12 different states, have ranged from annual sales of $2 MM to $110 MM, and have been focused in numerous industries.     

Kevin’s specialization has developed into providing those skills to business operations and transactions that are outside the normal skill set for those people involved in that particular business enterprise. In most every business that Kevin has been involved with, there were other partners or stakeholders that had extensive experience in that particular business enterprise. Kevin’s diverse education, skill sets, and experiences have provided him with the ability to come alongside business owners and managers that ‘know their business’, but are finding themselves in unprecedented circumstances.

Kevin SpeakingSometimes these circumstances may be exciting opportunities for growth, merger, or acquisition that require help beyond the experience curve of their management team or their normal outside professional advisors. Other times, particularly in today’s business environment, they can be perilous circumstances that require immediate help. His knack for sourcing people resources to bring solutions to the table and to develop and implement desirable solutions have become his stock in trade; creativity, quick sizing up of realistic and achievable objectives, and the ability to bring diverse parties together and close the deal have been the skill sets that have made him and the Black Gold Group successful.

Kevin has especially excelled at simplifying complex transactions and problems, and has been successful in many instances representing small to mid-size companies in transactions with large private, public, or international companies with many layers of management, required approvals, and attorneys. There is a special skill set required for wading through the maze and multiple layers of doing business with entities much larger than yours, and his executive and legal experience combined serve him well in this arena.

In most business transactions with which he has traditionally been involved, there is no 'win' (and no pay day!) unless there is a ‘completion’; this can be a dispute settlement, a sale or acquisition of a business, a financing, the signing of a large contract, or the consummation of a joint venture relationship for a project. That is why he has developed an up-front reality check of objectively sizing up the chances for success of the stated goals. This perspective can be very valuable to those who are too close to the forest, and need to have a detached and independent perspective.


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