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Letter from the CEO

Kevin JordanThe Black Gold Group is uniquely situated to provide Capital, Creativity, and Connections. We have extensive executive, operating, and financial experience in many different industries. Black Gold Advisory Partners and the partners and employees in our portfolio companies have been involved in over 50 start-ups over the last 25 years.  We have also been involved in debt and equity capitalizations, dozens of acquisitions and dispositions, LBO, IPO, and over 40 workouts and debt restructures. Over 90 percent of these have been achieved as PRINCIPALS and OWNERS, not as advisors or consultants. This is what makes Black Gold uniquely situated to understand the business of business‚ from an owners perspective.

On the Capital side, we have facilitated over $100M of equity investment and several hundred million dollars in debt financing. The majority of this has been facilitated by someone on our team sitting in the CEO, COO, or CFO seat, not as a money finder, consultant, or broker. We believe we are some of the most creative people around at finding resourceful and out of the box solutions for meeting business opportunities and challenges.

The Black Gold Advisory Partners, which includes those in the 50/50 Leadership Collaborative, bring a tremendous diversity of people and fiscal resources to the Black Gold approach. The legacy of this group includes hundreds of business operations in numerous industries, including different industries than those outlined in the Portfolio Companies of Black Gold. This provides us access to the experiences, transactions, and business acumen resident in this distinguished group of men and women, as well as access to significant capital investors.

In addition to continuing to do start-ups, investments and joint ventures, we are launching a new endeavor: our mission is to share with others the experiences, lessons, and‚ 'skinned knees' that we have gathered from the hundreds of years of collective business ownership, management experience, and deals. In short, we have developed a means to relay our‚ human capital‚ in addition to financial capital, to assist other businesses in a strategic and targeted manner. It is my privilege to be able to function as the facilitator and matchmaker between your business and our resources.

THE $64,000 QUESTION: CAN WE BE OF ANY HELP TO YOU? Most business owners and executives have adequate resources and expertise in times of economic stability and in normal times. However, the new normal is no longer business as usual. Economic instability, legislative uncertainty, technological advances and rapidly changing business models require the ability to access Capital, Creativity and Connections. Black Gold is uniquely situated in today's business climate to provide those resources.  We can also help when that 'chance of a lifetime' comes along to buy out a competitor or to sell your company.

We look forward to visiting with you.


Kevin Jordan
Chief Executive Officer



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