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It has been said that the proverbial ‘chance of a lifetime’ comes along for most businesses about every 10 years on average.  However, the chaos like has happened in our economy lately is creating unprecedented opportunities for some businesses. Small business owners are finding opportunities to make great strides because of gaps left in supply chains, companies that are for sale, vendors that are jettisoning inventory, or a dozen other reasons that are out of the ordinary because of the lending crisis and buyer reticence. Competitors are going out of business. Strategic real estate that can help your business can be bought at great prices and great terms if you can get it financed. Businesses are for sale, and the terms that may be acceptable today were unheard of last year.

These are the things we love to be involved with. At our core, we are deal junkies. The art of the deal, the thrill of the chase, and the rush that comes when you close a big deal are what makes us tick. Our portfolio experience speaks for our capabilities, but remember two things:

First, most of what we have done for 25 years have been for our own account.  We do deals, structure financing and tax matters, scrutinize financing and operations, and perform due diligence as if we are going to own and operate the business. That is the only way we know to do it. Thinking, acting, and structuring deals for the long haul is quite different than doing it as a consultant or business broker, or even as a legal or accounting professional who look at the business opportunity through different lens than a businessman. All of these have their place and provide valuable services; it’s just not what we do.  We look at it like we are going to own and operate this business with you.

Secondly, notice the diversity of our portfolio and our history. No one can start, own, operate, and sell profitably the diverse array of businesses that we have been involved with over the last 25 years. In every one of our businesses we have teamed up with partners that know THAT business. We have functioned as a principal and as a long term owner in most all these businesses, but we have done so almost always with an operating partner or industry expert who typically had history in that type business, or in a related business.

We believe this is what makes us uniquely suited to help you with your business needs. Our legacy and our experience is doing the ‘business of business’, which involves the out of the ordinary transactions, opportunities, or problems. This leaves you free to focus your energy and efforts on YOUR business.


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