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Black Gold Portfolio Partners

In addition to the Black Gold Advisory Partners, the Company has minority partners with accounting, legal, IT, and operational backgrounds. Some of these are full time with the company, and some are partners and principals in Black Gold portfolio companies. The portfolio companies in which Black Gold has a direct ownership interest have over 300 employees, with widely varied skills and experiences.

All are available to assist with other Black Gold projects on an as needed basis, depending on the skill sets required to assist your company. These people resources (staff assistance, Portfolio Partners, and Advisory Partners) will be sourced on an individual basis, based on the needs of the business engagement. Two of Black Gold's most recent additions include Senior Executives with tremendous experience in their areas. These include International Trading and Investment and Construction and Real Estate Investment.

International Trading and Investment

Chris George, President, Black Gold Construction

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Eric Black and Gold

Eric was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tulsa, and has been a speaker at the Shanghai Foreign Investment Board and many other occasions. He received a Master's Degree In Mechanical Engineering in 1987 from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China. He also received training in marketing and management from the Kellogg School of Management.

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Art Kennedy, President, Black Gold Multifamily

Mr Kennedy has 25 years of design, construction and development experience. For 6 years prior to joining the team to develop the Boardwalk, Art represented major private equity groups as a Development Oversight Officer on numerous projects from Texas to the Pacific coast.

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Leonard McCullough, CEO, LINEN KING

Leonard and LK McCullough and Kevin started The Linen King, LLC in 2002 when they purchased a financially troubled commercial laundry operation in the Tulsa area from ServiceMaster, a Fortune 500 company, and utilized this turnaround operation as the foundation for forming a chain of successful commercial healthcare laundries.

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Real Estate Financials


Health And Fitness

Concrete Mixer

Automotive Industry

Real Estate





Industrial Operations

Commerical Printing




Coroporate Healthcare


Marketing and Sales

Turnaround And Workouts