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Black Gold Construction

Black Gold Construction is an affiliate of the Black Gold Group formed for the purposes of taking advantage of the diversified real estate investment and construction background of Chris George, its President, and that of Kevin Jordan and various others of the Black Gold team. Chris has a Bachelors degree in mathematics, and has been in the building, development, and property management business for over 15 years. He built over 150 homes in his native city of Jefferson City, Missouri.

Black Gold is currently developing South Shore at Grand, a 35 lot subdivision on Grand Lake. South Shore is the closest location to Tulsa on Grand Lake of the Cherokees. Black Gold has completed and sold 14 homes, and will commence 5-6 more during this coming winter. South Shore is styled after the relaxed beach atmosphere of Destin and Rosemary beaches in Northern Florida, combined with the simple lines of traditional Oklahoma farmhouse design.

Black Gold is developing high end residences in Tulsa and others at Grand Lake, with two underway at present that are over 10,000 square feet each.

Black Gold is also evaluating numerous residential and commercial development, construction, and acquisition projects. Real estate has consistently been a stable part of most people's portfolio for wealth building, and Black Gold works with private equity investors to facilitate various investment strategies. Black Gold will utilize joint venture relationships with lenders, construction companies, and investment groups to bring both synergies and risk reduction to its real estate endeavors. They are also connected with collaborative buying groups that source building materials and components directly from manufacturers both in the US and abroad, thus reducing their costs while bringing superior architectural comments to their projects.

Black Gold is currently looking at new development and construction projects in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area and in Northwest Arkansas.


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