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Financial and Professional Services

Many service companies have opportunities for growth and expansion. Others may have need for transactional assistance in selling merging, or buying other competitive or compatible operations. Still others may be seeking new fiscal structures for various reasons. We have had diverse experience with various kinds of service operations.

Kevin led an investment group that purchased American Guaranty, a title insurance and closing company, from First National Bank of Oklahoma City when the bank was under regulatory scrutiny. He and a partner turned the business around and operated it for two years before selling it to a local bank at a significant profit.

Kevin and others made a venture capital investment in a high-tech information subscription service located in Tulsa, OK.  The Company sold subscriptions to hundreds of vendors in various SIC codes, and supplied market data and other resource information. Kevin and the other investors later sold the operation to Dunn & Bradstreet.

Virtual Innovative Practice Systems (VIPS). VIPS is a unique dental practice business model designed to respond to emerging practice trends in general dentistry. This business model pairs general dentists who refer patients (currently limited to referrals for dental extractions) with mobile general dentists who desire to limit their practice to IV sedation/extractions. VIPS provides assistance with licensing, training, proprietary software support system (VLINKS) and long term support; this business model dramatically increases efficiency and profits and reduces overhead. Black Gold has been retained to build a nationwide system similar to a franchise concept, with focus on licensing, training and service delivery. VIPS has nationwide growth plans, with current projections of 100 contracts over the next five years, and plans to expand the business model to other dental services (for example, root canals). The business will do a major launch and market entry in 2011. Initially Kevin will serve as CEO, with a long-term goal of hiring a leader in the medical or dental marketing field. http://tntclients.com/cms/published/vipsdental.com/


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