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Commercial Printing and Publishing

“Be more concerned with your character
than your reputation, because your
character is what you really are, while
your reputation is merely what others
think you are”. —John Wooden

Resource One’s  purchase of Barton Cotton Kevin assisted the owner/CEO of Resource One with the strategy, capital formation, and the execution skills necessary to expeditiously acquire the assets of an east coast printing and direct mail fulfillment company.   Resource One, a national printing and fulfillment company headquartered in Tulsa, acquired all of the assets of Barton Cotton, an 80 year old company in Baltimore Md,  for an amount equal to $6.8 MM out of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Barton Cotton had been purchased by American Capital Strategies, a division of a public company, for an amount equal to $140 MM just two years previously. Kevin continues in an advisory capacity and is engaged on a special projects basis for M&A activity and capital transactions.

www.bartoncotton.com,   www.resource-one.us

“Outstanding leaders go
out of their way to boost
the self-esteem of their
personnel. If people believe
in themselves, it's amazing
what they can accomplish”.
—Sam Walton

Kevin and two partners purchased a bankrupt publishing company in Wisconsin that had two magazines.  They turned the company around, put together a major advertising alliance with Time Life in New York, and sold the company to a local publishing company in Stillwater, OK.

With an investment group, Kevin took over operations of a troubled printing company in cooperation with Bank of Oklahoma. They turned around the Company, hired a management team, and helped the company avoid bankruptcy and liquidation.


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