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Most of our energy sector business activities have been outside the mainstream of the oil and gas business, although several of our Black Gold Advisory team are CEO’s of both private and public companies in the production, pipeline, construction, supply, and oil field component manufacturing industries. Our direct involvement includes substantial involvement in the energy technology and utility fields, as well as several formal dispute resolution engagements among energy producers and service companies.

Two of Black Gold’s portfolio companies make products for various aspects of the energy industry as well.

Econo-Masters Steel Fabrication. Kevin assisted a former partner in the technology business acquire a business after they sold Excel Energy Technologies. They purchased EconoMasters, located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, which specializes in providing large pressure vessel manufacturing and fabrication to high quality engineering and design companies.   Kevin did the due diligence on the business, structured the purchase with the owners, and arranged the capital financing; he continues to serve in an advisory capacity, but does not have an operating role with the Company. economastersllc.com


Lone Star Manufacturing. This was a company formed by Black Gold to bring investment capital, fiberglass fabrication skills, and marketing and financial management skills together to acquire a three year old 40,000 square foot plant located in the Austin, Texas area. The Black Gold Group applied its expertise and skills developed while starting a Tulsa area fiberglass operation to assist in the further growth of this Texas based company. Kevin negotiated with an international theme park construction company to add an additional product line of commercial water slides to more fully absorb the excess capacity of the plant. Lone Star also sells and installs fiberglass swimming pools through internet based sales activities and two factory direct retail locations. The plant also makes components for several other industries, including the energy services industry. Lone Star Manufacturing

Black Gold Castings. Black Gold Concrete formed an affiliated operation to take advantage of down time, rainy days, and tailings (remaining concrete that was paid for by a customer but sent back to the plant because they ordered too much). This operation made casts and poured and sold numerous concrete products such as blocks, lake anchors, funeral vaults, feed troughs, products for the energy industry, and parking bumpers.


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