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Concrete/Ready Mix Industry

"There's blind luck,
dumb luck, and then
there's get up every
morning at 5:30 and
sweat the details luck.
Few people actually
stumble into wealth.
It takes persistence,
tenacity and a tireless
work ethic. In the end,
luck has little to do
with success”.
Partner, Smith Barney

Black Gold Concrete Plant. This business was started from scratch by Black Gold, who bought and retrofitted a used batch plant and 10 trucks, and set up a concrete batch plant in Skiatook, a bedroom community to Tulsa that was not served well by the major Tulsa areas plants. This business was operated day to day by a minority partner that Kevin brought in to help develop the business. It capitalized on the growth of the Skiatook, Collinsville, and Owasso market, and was started in part to take advantage of new environmental regulations that caused numerous small town plants to close their doors. It was operated profitably for each year of its operation, selling over $4MM of ready mix concrete in its last year. When a Mexican company purchased Mid-Continent Concrete, the Tulsa area large ready-mix player, the five secondary market participants moved to expand their operations.  Kevin received several very attractive offers for the Company, and sold it in late 2006 to an out of town regional ready mix operator.


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