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Health and Fitness Industry

“Even if you're on the
right track, you'll get
run over if you just sit there.”
—Will Rogers

Exerbotics, LLC. This is a start-up technology company focused on the refinement and commercial exploitation of new exercise technology, specifically a robotic-based weight training system. This technology, developed over the last 20 years by a group of PhD’s from various technical and scientific disciplines, was contributed to the company along with over $2.5 million dollars of development capital raised by Black Gold  from private equity sources. The technology uses state of the art robotics to maximize the time and efficiency of weight training, and records the exercise regimens, progress, and comparative results of each exercise session; from a marketing standpoint, the byline is ‘twice the exercise in half the time’, appealing to the fitness boom and the busy life styles of the baby boomer generation.

The equipment will have significant application for professional and collegiate sports, rehabilitation, and geriatric conditioning and strength maintenance. The company has developed a suite of products to complete an exercise circuit, and will commence substantial marketing efforts in 2011. Black Gold is  a shareholder, and Kevin serves on the Board of Directors. exerboticsllc.com


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