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“We are continually faced
by great opportunities
brilliantly disguised
as insoluble problems”.
—Lee Iacocca

Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd.  Kevin co-founded and served as President and CEO.  Excel is an energy management technology company founded by Kevin and Paul Hildebrand, the technology developer.  The Company was capitalized with several million dollars in stock sales to Merrill Lynch, Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO/AEP), and other private investors.  Kevin was responsible for marketing, business development, finance, and overall corporate direction.  He developed and negotiated joint venture relationships and pilot programs with 12  gas and electric utilities across the country, and developed incentive based energy service programs with State PUC’s (Public Utility Commissions). These were developed to take advantage of DOE mandates and other regulatory and tax based incentives to incent energy conservation and KW demand reduction; the Company was sold to The Williams Companies of Tulsa.

Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd…….Leveraged Buy Out (LBO).  Kevin put together an LBO to re-acquire Excel when The Williams Companies decided to exit the retail energy industry.  The Company was active in load curtailment and energy conservation programs sponsored by New York, California, Texas, and other states that had conservation, KW capacity, and/or generation concerns. The goal was to secure management and capitalization, increase corporate value through top-line growth, and sell the company again to a national energy services, gas or electric utility, or energy technology company.  Kevin served as Chairman and was not involved in day to day management after re-acquiring the company and after hiring an industry CEO to take his place.   The new CEO and Kevin brought about a sale of a portion of the company to a national investment group that purchased the majority of  Kevin’s stock. They then facilitated the sale of the company to a larger Austin, Texas based technology company in the same ‘space’ in 2008. excel-energy.com

Photon Control Technologies.
This fiber optic based technology company was acquired in the start-up stage of building an automated coupler line for making one of the most frequently used components in the fiber optics business.  An exclusive license for U.S. Navy patents brought a high degree of potential success for this company.  Kevin worked with the technology team to develop a Business Plan and raise $4.3 million in venture capital.  He served as interim CEO until an industry-based CEO was hired.  Kevin then served on the Board of Directors until he sold his interest to an investment group. Photon-control.com

Exerbotics, LLC. This is a start-up technology company focused on the refinement and commercial exploitation of new exercise technology, specifically a robotic-based weight training system. This technology, developed over the last 20 years by a group of PhD’s from various technical and scientific disciplines, was contributed to the company along with over $2.5 million dollars of development capital raised by Black Gold  from private equity sources. The technology uses state of the art robotics to maximize the time and efficiency of weight training, and records the exercise regimens, progress, and comparative results of each exercise session; from a marketing standpoint, the byline is ‘twice the exercise in half the time’, appealing to the fitness boom and the busy life styles of the baby boomer generation.

The equipment will have significant application for professional and collegiate sports, rehabilitation, and geriatric conditioning and strength maintenance. The company has developed a suite of products to complete an exercise circuit, and will commence substantial marketing efforts in 2011. Black Gold is  a shareholder, and Kevin serves on the Board of Directors. exerboticsllc.com

Kevin put together with other partners a venture capital investment in a high-tech information subscription service located in Tulsa.  The Company sold subscriptions to hundreds of vendors in various SIC codes.  Kevin and the other investors later sold the operation to Dunn & Bradstreet.

Proprietary Software Development. Black Gold has been a part of a significant number of software development projects for its own portfolio companies and for other companies. We are not sofltware developers, but we do have a lot of experience working with technical folks to design engagements, detail expectations in plain English, and seek maximum business benefit from the project outcome.


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