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Turn-Arounds and Workouts

Excel Management Corporation was founded by Kevin to complete construction and manage third party and REO properties for lenders.  Excel completed various stages of partially completed projects that lenders took back, completing over $15,000,000 in construction and development completion over an 18 month period. Excel took over and Managed 1,200 condominiums and apartments, four (4) Homeowner Associations, and ten (10) office buildings in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

FSLIC Workouts. On a performance contract basis, Kevin and a partner took over a $110 million dollar portfolio of troubled commercial properties and operating companies in nine states from FSLIC and a troubled savings and loan institution located in Oklahoma. These included hotels, Colorado Springs apartments, urban condominiums, a Wyoming racetrack, a Gulf Coast Marina, a Utah ski resort, office buildings, several fabrication and manufacturing operations, and numerous retail projects.  As the Principal in charge, Kevin traveled extensively with in-house executives and attorneys, working out “partner problems” for the lender’s service corporation, completing construction, directing legal activities, hiring management and leasing companies, and disposing of properties and businesses.

Barton Cotton. Kevin assisted the owner/CEO of Resource One with the strategy, capital formation, and the execution skills necessary to acquire in a very short amount of time the assets of an old line east coast printing and direct mail fulfillment company that was in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Resource One, a national printing and fulfillment company headquartered in Tulsa, acquired all of the assets of Barton Cotton for an amount equal to $6.8MM. The 80 year old Baltimore based company had been purchased by American Capital Strategies, a division of a public company, for an amount equal to $140 Million two years previously. Kevin continues in a board capacity and is engaged on a special projects basis for M & A activity and capital transactions.
www.bartoncotton.com www.resource-one.us

Retirement Facilities, Nursing Homes. Black Gold has facilitated the financial turnaround and stabilization of three retirement facilities in Oklahoma and Arkansas. These involved equity capitalization, physical plant rehabilitation, licensing and environmental issues, and restructuring with Banks. In one instance, Black Gold facilitated the sale and transfer of licenses to a new buyer. These facilities including the entire continuum of care, ranging from independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing homes

REO and Troubled Businesses.
In recent years, the economic slowdown has caused many banks to take back properties (REO, or Real Estate Owned). It has also caused builders, developers, or owners to simply walk away from businesses or projects. Black Gold has assisted with a dozen such projects since 2007, including Gulf Shore , Alabama resort real estate, Colorado luxury properties, subdivisions, retirement facilities, manufacturing operations, and distribution and warehousing operations. We believe we provide great value in assisting both lenders and owners in sizing up their options, as well as sometimes being able to forge a mutually acceptable solution to these unsavory situations.


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