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Black Gold Group


We have CAPITAL to invest, both on our own behalf and through our equity partners. However, we are not passive investors or money brokers.

We have been successful, and have made other businesses successful, by bringing CREATIVE solutions, ideas, and implementation skills to complex business challenges. These challenges include the proverbial opportunity of a lifetime as well as those business challenges that initially seem insurmountable.

Finally, most of us have learned that half the battle in getting something done is CONNECTING with the right people. We have spent many years grooming partnership relationships with key leaders in business and industry. Sir Winston Churchill said: It is truly a great thing to have great allies. That is what we say about our friends and partners when it comes to opening doors, solving problems, finding capital, facilitating transactions and closing the deal.

Check out what we do and what Services we offer, and see if our Experience is relevant to your business needs.


Letter from the CEO

Kevin JordanThe Black Gold Group is uniquely situated to provide Capital, Creativity, and Connections. We have extensive executive, operating, and financial experience in many different industries. Black Gold Advisory Partners and the partners and employees in our portfolio companies have been involved in over 50 start-ups over the last 25 years.  We have also been involved in debt and equity capitalizations, dozens of acquisitions and dispositions, LBO, IPO, and over 40 workouts and debt restructures. Over 90 percent of these have been achieved as PRINCIPALS and OWNERS, not as advisors or consultants. This is what makes Black Gold uniquely situated to understand the business of business‚ from an owners perspective.

Read more: Letter from the CEO



THE BOARDWALK …. a unique new concept in high end multi family dwellings. Bixby, Oklahoma (click for more information)

SOUTH SHORE AT GRAND .... the newest development on Grand Lake O' (click for more information)

GLOBAL CAPITAL FUND, LLC …. International Trading and Investment (click for more information)

BLACK GOLD CONSTRUCTION,  LLC …. Newest Grand Lake Development (click for more information)

JAKETOWN RESOURCES …. a contrarian oil and gas play…. (click for more information)

LINEN KING, LLC …. having co-founded this company over 12 years ago, and sold it to a Canadian PE firm three years ago, we successfully reacquired it. (click for more information)

NYCO SOLAR, LLC …. a Long Island, New York Solar Energy opportunity (click for more information)


International Trading and Investment

Eric Black and Gold

Meet Eric Zhang…

Eric was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tulsa, and has been a speaker at the Shanghai Foreign Investment Board and many other occasions. He received a Master's Degree In Mechanical Engineering in 1987 from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China. He also received training in marketing and management from the Kellogg School of Management. Early in his career, Eric founded one of the first private management consulting companies in Beijing, where he assisted many major multinational companies develop their China business. He went on to found and manage American Chinese Trade Services, LLC, with offices in Tulsa, Shanghai, and Beijing.He served also as the Chief Representative of the Oklahoma Foreign Direct Investment Office in China, heading the initiative of bringing direct investment from China to the State of Oklahoma. A native of Beijing, China, Eric has been facilitating trade and investment between U.S.-based companies and China for more than two decades. He is now Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of The Black Gold Group, and President and CEO of Global Capital Fund, LLC (GCF), an affiliated investment advisory company of The Black Gold Group. Global Capital has offices in Tulsa, Chicago, and Shanghai.

Read more: International Trading and Investment



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